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Who doesn’t love the look of melting ice cream?

This summer one of the hottest nail designs is “the splatter nail art.” This artwork is great!  It doesn’t need to be flawless, and that is the beauty of it all. You can have fun with the colors, be reckless, and it will still look like professional art work.

The beauty about nails is that there is no one formula for them.  Nails are the one part of your body where being wild and crazy should be expected.

Calling all the troops, if you are ready for the ride, here’s how to get this fabulous nail art.

To create this look: 1. apply a clear base coat and two coats of beige polish. 2. After it dries, load a thin brush with orange polish and let it drip over the nails. 3. Clean up the edges with remover.