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Nail polish 2 simple words, who would think that picking a color that is right for you would take so much thought. Yes ladies, we can not just pick a color off of the shelves, because each color complements a different skin tone.

Pale Complexions

  • Polish tip: Choose a polish with a blue base.
  • Shades that flatter: Pale: pastel pinks, blues and greens, pale peach, beige.
  • Shades to avoid: Dark polishes like dark blue or black (unless you happen to like the Goth or vamp look), yellow, green, gold and orange.

Fair Complexions

  • Polish tip: Choose a polish with a blue base or yellow base, based on undertones.
  • Shades that flatter: Beige, white and silver. (French manicures look great), light and medium toned purples, soft oranges, darker pinks, reds and berry shades.
  • Shades to avoid: Very dark blue, black, green, dark orange, gold.

Tan Complexions

  • Polish tip: Blue and (possibly) yellow base.
  • Shades that flatter: Light blues, pinks and purples, tangerine, light brown, copper brown and chocolate.
  • Shades to avoid: Gold and shades of gold (because it will blend in with the tanned skin and lose vibrancy).

Medium/Olive Complexions

  • Shades that flatter: Olive: peach or gold colors. Olive-medium: brown, reddish-browns, gold.
  • Polish tip: Blue or yellow base.


  • Shades that flatter: Vibrant orange, pink and blue, light blue, lilac, silver, metallic and glittery colors.
  • Shades to avoid: Dark purple, red or navy blue. Bronze colors won’t show well against your skin tone. Medium-dark: avoid paler, pastel shades, which could appear washed out.

Dark Complexions

  • Polish tip: Yellow or brown-based undertones.
  • Shades that flatter: Deep purples, dark, yellow-based reds, dark greens, dark blues, black, chocolate-brown and gold.
  • Shades to avoid: Orange, yellow, neon colors, pastels, white and silver.