It’s been said that a woman is helpless until her nail polish dries. We all HATE when we smudge our nail polish before it dries, so here are some tips to prevent it from happening, as well as a quick and easy solution to fixing a smudge when it does happen.

There aren’t really any ways to prevent smudging. So here’s LcB’s advice for ya: make sure you paint your nails at a convenient time to just sit and relax, maybe watch some TV. Don’t decide to paint your nails a half hour before you wanted to go to bed, or right before you’re about to head out of the house. Trust us, it’s not a good idea!

So if a smudge does sneak in your freshly-done manicure, here’s a tip you may not have known about. dab the pad of your index finger in non-acetone remover (be careful not to get any on your nail!). Lightly sweep it over the dent to smooth it out, then cover with a light layer of polish, and finish with a quick-dry top coat.

Get rid of smudges for a perfect at-home manicure every time!