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When shopping for a nude color for your nails to pull off the barely-there trend that is so hot right now, there are a few guidelines to follow when searching for nail color.

First, follow your undertones. If your skin has cooler undertones, you’re going to want to look for a light, baby pink shade. For warmer tones, go with a light beige or even a peach color to flatter your nails best.

Next, make sure your nails are are buffed and based. When you have a clearer polish, an even coat is more important that if you were using an opaque polish. Also make sure to apply thin coats with the most controlled brush stroke that you can.

Lastly, and most importantly, think see-through. Pastels may seem to be more sheer of a color, but to stay on-trend go for the polish that is even lighter to avoid a chalky look once the polish sets.