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The 23-year-old British singer Adele was the star of the Grammys Awards 2012 in L.A. She won six awards AND distinguished herself from the crowd with her unique manicure style. Adele channeled her shoes, silver glitter Christian Louboutin pumps, with her nails. Not only did she wear a matching silver glitter polish, but also she painted the undersides of her long nails a bright red, paying homage to the shoe label’s famous red soles. Do you want to sport the same manicure as Adele? The Renarda Joy team will tell you how to do it. First of all, don’t even try to paint the underside of your natural nails. It will be difficult and too messy. Use artificial nails or tips instead. Trim or file your natural nail down so it can’t be seen over the tip of your finger. Size artificial nails to all 10 fingers and set aside. Paint the underside of each nail/tip with two coats of classic red and allow the polish to dry completely. Apply 1-2 drops of nail glue to artificial nail and press onto nail bed holding in place until it sets. And last, paint tops of nails with your choice of lacquer to match your shoes, or you can use the same color as Adele did, sparking silver.