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Turning your everyday nail color into a flirty manicure is a cinch when you add a little glitter. We at LcB love it because adding a coat or two is super quick and easy, and ends up looking fabulous. This doesn’t just mean the only thing to do is add a coat of glitter on top of your original nail color… there’s room to be creative! ImageOf course you can do a simple glittery topcoat, but another option is a dense glitter manicure with three to four coats for a night out on the town. Playing with patterns never hurt anybody either; use dots, stripes, or a combination of anything that takes your fancy. To get the ombre effect, LcB Nail Lacquer recommends to remove the excess from the brush and painting the glitter on the tips, then bringing it down the nail with whatever polish is left to give it a subtle and gradual fade effect. A little disclaimer, however, glitter nail polish is a you-know-what to take off, so we recommend filling the cap of your nail polish remover with the solution and soaking each nail for about 30 seconds and that should help it slide right off!