French manicures have been around for years. ImageThey were always a nice and simple but elegant-looking manicure. But are they on a downward slope? We think yes. Unfortunately the trend is going out of style because the look is just overused, outdated, and artificial-looking. These days the trend is focused on shorter manicured nails with deeper and richer colors that can work for your day job or a night out. Since we know that old habits die hard, if you’re still stuck on the look, make it look more natural by going with the American Manicure. The difference here between ours and le Français is in the application. To get a more natural look and subtle white-tipped nails, apply the white tip polish first, and follow with two coats of the sheer beige polish. Need an idea for the rich, darker tones? Go deep with LcB’s Tar Baby, Shag, or Choc-La-Drop…you won’t be disappointed!