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We found a cute quirky way of discussing the nail trends of 2012, but also dealing head-on with a few not SO HOT trends. In other words: LcB Nail Lacquer Red Bone (hot color and on trend)- Online bullying, name calling… (not so hot, but also a trend called Cyber Bullying).

LaKhiva Blann CEO of LcB Nail Lacquer developed a socially conscious beauty product with the specific purpose to build Self-Esteem.

And we are on a mission to nullify and void those who use acidic and negative tones against people of various backgrounds.

As a darker-skinned individual, others would call Blann names. Using this experience, the LcB Nail Lacquer concept collection turns a negative into a positive by using those names for our product lines and empowering women.

Our post Acid Tone is a play on of words from the actual word Acetone. We’re sure all you nail fanatics have heard, come across or used Acetone- a manufactured chemical, a colorless liquid with a distinct smell used to deteriorate cheap plastic and other substances. The liquid can be found in most nails salons, and is used to deteriorate acrylic and tips.

 Get it? Got it? Good. Now achieve the impossible.