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Spring forward with a few of these colorful “tips” from LCB Nail Lacquer Team: Image

  • Color Blocking: A thing of the 80’s, a wide spread trend in fashion, makeup, and now NAILS! This bold statement in the 21st century is approved by LCB Nail Lacquer.  Using more than one  bright and bold contrasting color on nails, is definitely flirty and fun. Over all, we’re nailing in this fashion statement. #color #blocking #nails
  • Nudity Please: Rain, snow, sleet, or shine a timeless color to use, when in doubt is Nude. A nude or nail lacquer similar to your skin tone (i.e. our nail color “Shag” for darker skin tones) can make your hands appear more youthful and elegant. #nudity #nails
  • Hand Cream: As much as we’d love to state that our polish does it all, the truth is, we need a little assistance from you. Regardless of the color you choose, never fail a manicure by forgetting to apply lotion. Polished haImagends aren’t complete without properly being moisturized.